“DRUMMER JAY” – A First Time Ever Show Style 

Drummer Jay (Jim) has started DJ’ing end of the fascinating 80’s when he was 15 years old. So his music style and taste is a blend of 80’s/90’s/ and today’s European (Ibiza) and American (Las Vegas) culture.

Until recent he has been dj’ing around the world feeding and satisfying the crowds with his up-rhythm tempo House/Vocal House style sets and Gypsy-Latin percussion beats, impossible to resist to move your body to his tunes. New York, Las Vegas, Miami, Los Angeles, Ibiza, Santa Domingo, Guatemala, Istanbul, Chesme, Kushadasi, Antalya are few of the places that he has been Frequently.

Renown Dj’s/Producers that Drummer Jay has worked with are Danny Rampling, Outwork, Nicola Fasano,Chris Kaiser, Dim Chris, Simon De Juno, Frank Mulero, Lenny Fontana, Sergio D’Angelo, Steve Forest, Pat-Rich, Harrison Crump, K Alexi, Paul Johnson, Dj Pierre, Dj Rebekah, Michael Fuller and many more…
Since his early ages Jim was very keen in playing instruments such as bongo, drums and darbuca even before he started dj’ing.  In 2008 he came up with the idea combining his dj set with his own percussion show and designed variations of it.
It was a well known routine, a percussionist to perform along a DJ, however it was a first ever for a DJ to perform as a percussionist along his own DJ set. Besides being a first it has two major advantages: first a dj would have a better ear to his own tunes and dj set and he would therefore perform the percussion in a good harmony with ths instantly played track. Second it is a far more interesting stage show as one that we have to admit.
Consecutively he attracted many Promoters and most important for him, he succeeded in signing 2 residencies for the very same 2009 summer season in Ibiza, party island of the world.
Recently he is playing for these 2 parties:
In the meanwhile Jay is working on remix projects with the famous Italian Dj/Producer OUTWORK, projects that involves his drum sets